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How do I fix this @#*%&#*)*@ thing?

So, you are having problem with JOHNfm?  Listed below are frequently asked questions and solutions to common problems.

Sometimes when I'm listening the live stream cuts in and out and the player starts rebuffering. What is happening?

There are a wide variety of reasons why the JOHNfm stream may be down at any given moment, ranging from temporary loss of connection between JOHNfm and our streaming server, to our dogs kicking out the power cord.  Ok, that probably won't ever happen, but occasionally we need to do maintenance to our network which causes the stream to go offline.  We even loose power or internet connectivity from time to time!

However, if there is a chance that problem is with your own computer, try rebooting your computer and reconnecting to the internet. Itís amazing how many computer problems can be fixed with a simple reboot. Also, try upgrading your player software.

Listening to 'streaming' audio on the internet can be precarious. The most common problem is playback stalling until more data arrives ('buffering').

Relevant factors include:

  • viewing other web-pages while listening
  • network congestion (periods of high demand)
  • quality / speed of your connection

I can't get your station to stream... What's wrong?

The beauty of an mp3 stream is that it works for all the major platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux).  But to be able to listen, you need a player. For windows, use Jet Audio, WinAmp, iTunes or Windows Media Player. For Mac OSX, use iTunes or Audion. For Linux, try XMMS. Shoutcast streams over port 80, so firewalls should not be an issue. Try upgrading your player or downloading one of the ones we've just mentioned.

I want to download mp3's! Why aren't they available?

Legally we are not allowed to make available for download via mp3 ANY broadcast which contains copyrighted material (e.g. music heard on the station).  We do provide a link to Amazon.com however, where you can purchase the music you hear on JOHNfm.

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